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About ANL
於2009年成立,主要專門及提供承辦: 飲食及相關機器設備, 禮品包裝設計服務。目前大约有1000名顧客, 大都是香港、中國、澳門及歐美及南亞地區的顧客。
本公司飲食服務方面: 我司從荷蘭引進Princess壓力式咖啡機及
雅麗盈咖啡包產品系列,兩者配合運用, 可自製精華級- 濃郁、芳心、回甘咖啡飲品。近年來, 透過下列不同地方渠道, 本地的美食博覽展、大型食品超級市場、祟光、360超級市場、Market Place, 咖啡專門店, 以至澳門威尼斯酒店的香港購物潮流展, 得以推廣以上咖啡機及咖啡包。從眾多顧客的回應, 都是很正面嘉許, 甚至認為這種自製咖啡的質量可媲美多隻本地流行的名牌咖啡飲品, 實在很使人鼓舞。
        食品包裝機設備: 我司代理多種食品包裝機器作及傳動機(例如 “壽司”傳送帶), 近年來已銷售多台包裝機及設備, 顧客為香港及澳門多家著名的壽司及大餐館。 我們提供優秀售後服務為期一年維護檢查。
禮品包裝設計方面: 我司可按客戶所需, 特別是OEM買家, 提供一站式的服務, 由尋找合適的產品以至提供設計禮品包裝形式等服務。為了擴大及加強對顧客服務, 我司在本地及國內均設有自己的製作及包裝工場。除了配備相關大小型機器外, 對管理層員工及熟練技工, 要求嚴謹, 務求產品質量及交貨時間, 均能令顧客滿意。
      我司以客為本, 重品質, 熱誠服務, 歡迎垂詢洽購。



Apex Noble Limited
Company Profile
Our company was established in 2009 which specializes in catering, gift & confectionary, equipment & food waste processing and packaging worldwide. Currently, we have approximately 1000 customers in our customer base. Many of those are from Hong Kong, China & Macau.
        For catering, we import Princess coffee machines and ANL Coffee pods and its accessories from Poland, and we have successfully sold our coffee pods and machines through Venetian Exhibition & our Hong Kong local food markets, such as SOGO, 360 Supermarket, Market Place. We got positive feedbacks from our customers that our machine is easy to use and the quality of the home-made coffee is as good as the coffee from the café.
        Our equipment division deals with many renowned sushi bars and restaurants. We have a wide range of equipments, such as food packaging machine and conveyor. We provide excellent after-sales services that we provide the first year maintenance with monthly examination for our customers.
        We can also provide OEM service for your gift & confectionary in your custom design, especially for OEM buyers, in order to provide a one-stop full service for our customers that we have a wide range of services from finding the right products to designing and providing the packaging service. Further, in order to extent our services to customers, we have set up our own packaging plants in Hong Kong and China. Staffed with skillful workers, equipped with different kinds of machinery, and under our strict management, we provide good quality of packaging and on-time delivery for all our customers.
        Our company focuses on customers’ desire, quality, and we highly appreciate to provide service to our customers. Any questions and inquiries are welcome.